Next Level Law Practice

program for attorney entrepreneurs


Starting your own solo practice is hard. But it doesn’t have to be this hard.

There are a lot of moving parts when starting your own law practice. Your website, social media, client conversion, and oh yeah…actually knowing the law! It’s a lot to wrap your head around, but there is no reason for it to be so complicated.

And definitely no reason to do it alone.

Next Level Law Practice is our “done with you” program for ambitious attorneys who want to launch and grow a modern transactional law practice - the simpler way.


We have helped over fifty attorneys across the country to build a 21st century law practice, automate their practice systems, generate consistent sales, spend more time outside of the office, and make more money. Now it’s your turn.

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The tools provided by Jessi and Megan through the Next Level Law Practice gave me the kick-start that I needed to get my estate planning law practice off the ground. Their energy and creativity provide an excellent foundation to help you meet the goals for your own ideal practice, as opposed to a practice that might work for someone else. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Juris-Diction and highly recommend them to anyone considering putting their ideas/dreams to work!
— Jennifer Solak, Solak Legal
I could not recommend this program more! Jessi and Megan are incredible and their energy is contagious. They meet attorneys where they are and help them further develop their vision in order to create a secondary source of income. You’ll love the flexibility of the program, their availability, and energy around helping attorneys build a sustainable and fulfilling career.
— Holli Pritchard
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The MBA For Transactional Attorneys

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We won't pretend building a law practice from scratch is easy. It’s not. But here is the thing…we have DONE IT BEFORE, and we are excited to share our proven framework for launching or growing a six-figure estate planning or business law practice that supports your freedom. How?

Profitable Practice Plan: We help you zero in on the six-figure client avatar and create a stone-cold client attraction and conversion system around that individual so that you get consistent conversions at $4500 or more.

Automation Arsenal: The 21st century law practice is more than a business. It is an asset. Even better? It’s an asset that can run on its own when you need time away from of the office. We show you the secret to building out workflows and automations to sell your services consistently, on autopilot.

Legal Launchpad: If your main concern about starting your own law practice is knowing the law, fear no more! Next Level Law Practice includes the basics on estate planning and business law, so you can narrow your education topic areas and hit the ground running.

The JD Transactional Law Marketing Super System™: Want to know the cold hard truth? Transactional legal marketing is different from marketing litigation practices. Other marketing strategies just don’t cut it. The reason Juris Diction’s marketing has been so successful for our attorney-clients is because we have built a super system that WORKS. We show you the exact strategies we use with six-figure solo practices across the country, and we give you EVERYTHING you need to implement this system yourself.


Training and Templates? YOU GOT IT!

We provide fill-in-the-blank templates for emails, client conversion meeting scripts, client communication, and marketing copy—it’s all in here. These are the same internal templates and tools that we use with our private clients and in our own law practice.

The tools, templates, and strategies in this program will save you hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars in wasted time and money.

The result? You have everything you need to create a consistently profitable law practice business that allows you to serve clients you love.

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When taking the leap to start my own firm, I spoke with Jessi Patton about my hopes, fears, and plans to move forward. She provided inspiring and cohesive guidance on practical steps of the process. She also reminded me that I can do more than I think I can, and to make sure I check in with what works best for me, not just for everyone. She followed up several months later to check in, and I’m happy to say things are going well! I would recommend Jessi, Megan, and Juris Diction to anyone planning to open their own practice.
— Liz Vaysman, Vaysman Legal
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Our Dream Clients:

  • Self-motivated attorneys who have always known they want to be entrepreneurs. 

  • Creative and confident attorneys who are willing to put in the work to get their law practice out there for the people they love to serve.

  • Tenacious attorneys who already have a solo practice and are feeling stuck — they know they could be more successful if they just had the marketing strategies and tools to reach the next level in their business. 

  • Motivated attorneys who are looking to ditch the big firm life and go out on their own.

This program is for you if

  • You want to launch an estate planning or business law practice, but you have no idea where to start

  • You have a practice, but it is pretty much running you

  • You don’t have any idea how to build a marketing system that consistently attracts paying clients you love

  • The business side of running a law practice is really intimidating to you

  • You are tired of playing small with your finances, your business, and your impact

  • You want to provide high-quality, individualized legal services, but you don’t want to be tied to your desk 24/7

  • You are ready to commit to yourself and your dreams by investing in building a next level law practice

  • You are prepared to do the hard work once to set up a sustainable practice that is easy to operate