How To Fill Your Client Calendar and Keep It That Way

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How many times have you gotten an email that says something like, “Hurry and buy! Limited spots available!” but it’s something that obviously scales? “False scarcity” is a common marketing technique because businesses think it makes potential customers buy faster. Here’s the thing: customers aren’t falling for it.

BUT, as a professional service provider, you don’t need to rely on false scarcity in your marketing. By virtue of the fact that you meet with your clients 1-on-1, trading your time for the amount that your clients are paying you, means that you actually have scarcity built into your business model.

Think of it this way: there are only so many hours in a day. You only want to work so many hours in a week. Naturally, there is an upper limit on how many clients you can serve. We’ve written about this phenomenon before (we call it the Professional Service Provider’s Dilemma), and it’s why we encourage all attorneys to diversify their revenue and build a passive income stream into their practice.

But, there is a secret upside to the Professional Service Provider’s Dilemma, YOU are in hot demand! The fact that what you are selling is scarce (i.e. YOUR legal services) gives you a unique opportunity to
1. Raise your prices.
You know that there is a limit on how many customers you can serve. You know what you want to be earning in your business. Do the math. How much does that mean your clients need to be paying you? That’s the price! Not what’s the going rate in your town, not how much are your current clients willing to pay. Once you know your price (even if it’s got you PANICKING), build a service that matches the price in value. 

2. Choose the clients you want to work with. 
Your time is limited, and the open spots in your client caseload are few. So what do you do? Say NO! You DO NOT have to work with every single client who walks through the door. You love serving your ideal client, so only work with that kind of person. Clients who are outside of your ideal or who are asking for services you don’t provide will end up spending more of your time, energy, and effort than they are paying you. You will end up losing money on the deal. If you aren’t quite sure who your ideal client is, click here to read more about honing your ideal client.

3. Get serious about your limits. 
Not the limits for how much you can take or how far you can push yourself. No, this is setting limits well below that burn-out threshold. Set a limit on how many clients you take on based on how many you can serve at the top of your game, with energy left over for the things you love to do in your life. Be practical and honest with yourself: how many clients could you serve at a time and love it?

So, what’s the bottom line? Sure, the Professional Service Providers Dilemma often in our practices. BUT, there is a silver lining. Use your scarcity to your advantage, and make the most of the unique, exclusive, best-in-the-whole-world services that only you provide.

To your success and beyond,


Megan Wakefield
CWO and Marketing Strategy Director at Juris Diction

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