I Built A Successful Law Practice...and I Was Miserable

Successful Law Practice

In 2017, I accomplished my goal of building a successful law firm in Atlanta, Georgia. The practice was bringing in 20 new clients every month, money was good, and I was starting to be recognized as a leader in the Atlanta legal community.

Spoiler alert: I was miserable. 

I was getting caught up in the “rat race” of comparison and competition, and my self-worth was entirely tied to my business’s success. I made decisions based on “how fast can we grow” instead of asking if I wanted to be a part of the business that I was growing. I was misaligned with my purpose and with the very reason I started my law practice in the first place.  

After law school, I found myself choosing between leaving a six-figure DC job offer and the chance to create my own path in Atlanta. I chose the latter. I had no plan, but I knew that I did not want to build my career around the idea of working my a** off for 10 years only so I could work harder once I became Chief of Staff or Partner.  No thanks.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to work. Maybe too much. But I have always valued working for myself and creating a business that was a true reflection of me and my values.

I started Patton Law to help redefine success for attorneys. To show a different way. But, unfortunately, I fell into the same struggle that so many other attorneys face when working in the professional service industry - endless hours in the office, income limited by billables and jurisdictions, and no time to do the things or see the people that I love.

So, I did something about it and created a business from a place of intention and community, rather than fear and competition. Juris Diction was created to support and teach attorneys the lessons I learned building my practice while helping them avoid my mistakes. To share the importance of community on your path to success, and to redefine the practice of law.

In less than three months from receiving our LLC certificate, Megan and I built a $168,000/year business. We are on track to hit $300k/year by December, and a seven-figure business by the end of 2019.  I work wherever I want, have time to travel, and am working in my zones of genius. And I didn’t even have to give up my law practice! Instead, the income I earn from Juris Diction enables me to choose my clients, take time for myself, and still have the energy to focus on other ways I can create an impact. 

I say all of this to show you what is possible. You can build your dream business or product using your JD, and you can do it faster than you think.   

On November 1, we are launching our Beyond The Bar program for attorneys who want to build a six-figure online business outside of the practice of law. This program was created to give you everything that you need to get you where you want to go, fast. We provide you with detailed instruction and hands-on support to help you identify your digital product, build it, market it, and launch it in less than three months. We give you weekly one-on-one coaching calls to make sure you have the guidance and accountability you need, and we are planning retreats in exciting cities throughout the country. More than anything, we provide you with a safe space and a community of ambitious attorneys. Attorneys who love practicing law but want more. More freedom. More flexibility. More time to do things they love.  You can learn more about the programs by clicking here.  

If you have a question about the THRIVE program, entrepreneur life, or anything at all, lets chat! Shoot me and email!

To your success,

Founder and CEO of Juris Diction