How To Get 3-5 Dream Clients Each Week Like Clockwork

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“I am not getting paid enough for this.”

Admit it. If you are a solo practitioner, you can remember a time you made this statement. It was probably late at night, spoken under your breath, as you respond to what feels like the millionth email from a particular client. Not ideal.

So who is your ideal client? Some attorneys love working with young professionals. Others get excited by more established couples or those getting ready for retirement. Wouldn’t it be amazing if all of your clients were those ideal people who really light you up?

What if your practice could focus in on those ideal clients? The reality is, you absolutely can. Even better than that, once you start focusing on those ideal clients, they will start coming to you with greater ease and greater frequency.

Attracting Your Dream Client

As an attorney, there is nothing worse than working with a client who doesn’t get what you do or who doesn’t appreciate your work. This is especially true if you are not charging enough for your services. Those difficult clients are emotionally draining and suck energy away from the clients that you love to serve. At the end of the day/week/month, they are not helping you grow your business. In fact, they may actually be holding you back. Charging too little for clients who don’t light you up is a recipe for burn out.

Before you can begin attracting your dream clients, you have to know who they are. If you aren’t quite clear on who your ideal client is, we have created a worksheet that you can download and use as a template for this exercise (It’s free! The link is at the bottom of this article). Creating a profile for your ideal client not only helps you think through any legal concerns they may have, but it also can help you identify which estate planning services will best suit their needs.

Once you are clear on who your ideal client is, you can start working on your Client Attraction System.

Crafting Your Firm’s Client Attraction System


The first rule of attracting your ideal client is to be genuine. Your clients are savvy. They know the difference between cheap marketing tricks and genuine enthusiasm. So, be yourself. It’s about showing your clients who you are and demonstrating that you have the skills and expertise to solve their problems.


Create content with your dream client in mind. What are their unique challenges? What do they believe to be true and not true? For everything you put out on your social media platforms, e-newsletter, and website, think: is this useful to my dream client? Does it give them value? Does it further my relationship with them? If the answer is no, it’s time to go back and re-work your message.


You are not going to be able to consistently attract that dream client by doing one thing one time. Overhauling your website or posting a great downloadable tool is going to help boost your client attraction for that one week, but what about the week after that? And the week after that? Consistency is essential. If you are putting out useful, valuable content each week, then those ideal clients will be attracted each and every week.


Create a workflow system to make this easier. Every week you shouldn’t be racking your brains for ways to attract ideal clients. Instead, create a three-month client attraction plan complete with communications, content, and value-added products. Once the plan is in place, create templates, workflows, and systems that cut down the amount of time you spend preparing marketing communications each week.


As a transactional attorney, you know that there often isn’t a triggering event that grabs your potential client by the collar and says “HIRE A LAWYER!” Instead, most potential clients know they should hire a lawyer, but it ends up on the back burner for “someday.” That’s where relationship-building and consistency really shine. At its heart, your Client Attraction System is an educational tool that teaches your ideal client about the real solutions available to their problems, and it has built-in follow ups and reminders that help keep your firm top of mind when your clients are ready to take the plunge.

Engaging Ideal Clients at a 90% Success Rate

The bottom line in marketing is your bottom line. It’s definitely not marketing for its own sake or because it’s something you should do. Marketing is a tool to create a specific result. In the case of your law firm, your marketing should be attracting your ideal clients, and more importantly, it needs to be making you money. That’s why it’s so important to us that the attorneys we work with are engaging their ideal clients at a 90% success rate or above.

Cue the client conversion piece of the puzzle. If done properly, your marketing has attracted clients who are pre-selected to want to work with you. They liked your message and trusted the honest persona you portrayed online, in print, or at a live event. They have built a relationship with your brand through your consistent communications, and they were educated by your valuable content-based marketing. Now, they are ready to meet with you one-on-one.

Using Your Client Conversion Strategy to Get 3-5 Dream Clients Per Week

A strong Client Attraction Strategy gets you most of the way there. Now, in the first meeting, it’s your job to get the ball into the end zone. If your marketing was genuine and truly reflects who you are as an attorney, there will be no surprises. You will simply be yourself, reiterate your expertise, and then show the potential client what you can do.

However, a clear Client Conversion Strategy is essential to success. When you meet with a potential client, this should not be a “Meet and Greet” or an information-gathering session. People are busy, and you can demonstrate your value and set yourself apart by making the most of the time you have with a potential client.

  1. Your Client Conversion Strategy should be organized and tested. Use pre-meeting questionnaires and a clear meeting agenda to keep control of the meeting and minimize small talk. Record your meeting and make notes if something went particularly well so you can use the same strategy in future meetings.

  2. This meeting is a chance to actually provide value. You know from your marketing research which issues are significant concerns or pain points for your ideal clients, so make sure to acknowledge those points in the meeting and take the extra step to solve at least one of the problems right then and there.

  3. Test out which parts of your Client Conversion Strategy work the best. If you are getting a good response from one potential client, replicate your successes. As you practice, your Client Conversion Strategy should become second nature.

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If you are ready to create Client Attraction and Client Conversion Systems that will help you get three to five dream clients each week, contact the team at Juris Diction. We are ready and excited to help you transition your clientele from not-so-great clients to those who really light you up. Feel free to get in touch if you have questions or would like to learn more.


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